Sweden's 1st rescued food catering service


One third of the food we grow in the world is thrown away.


This waste might be blemished 'ugly' veggies that don't look presentable on the supermarket shelf or mislabeled food that is cheaper for the manufacturer to throw away than to correctly relabel.


At Rude Food we believe that there are no culprits, only engaged doers.


We identify food wastage points and work with food rescue partners to circulate their surplus back on to plates and put food where it needs to be - in people's bellies.


To this end we believe that every city should have its own food-surplus, re-circulating kitchen. Rude Food is one such kitchen in Malmö, Sweden.


Initiated as a citizen's initiative by design researcher Zeenath Hasan at her kitchen project Tapori Tiffins in October 2014, Rude Food Malmö was registered as a not-for-profit association on May 2015. A strong volunteer force drives the food rescue activity and when revenue levels allow for it a paid team manages the project and its kitchen work. Revenues from the catering activities are looped back into the running of the project. Approximately 60% of the rescued food is redistributed to food insecure groups in Malmö.



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