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We collect food that would otherwise be thrown away. We collect from food stores, restaurants, bakeries, fruit vendors in the squares, among other places.


We take this food back to the kitchen, where we cook it and sell it as catering. We get almost all of our produce for free, but we sell the catering for "normal" prices. We are a not-for-profit organization. That means that any profit we make, we donate to projects working with hunger prevention or fighting against food waste.


We have volunteers doing very different things, some have helped us with designing a logo, others with putting up a website, etc. The more regular volunteering, concerning the everyday running is made up of two activities - cooking and food rescue.

Food rescue is done on a weekly basis, where a group of volunteers (most often 2 people) make a round to our food partners, to pick up the surplus food, and cycle the collected food back to our restaurant kitchen, to sort, label, and freeze/cool/etc. Cooking is done more on a need basis - when we have a catering we post it in our FB-groups that we need volunteers to help with cooking.


The kitchen is situated at Olof Palmes Plats 1, Malmö.


Fill in the form below then you can join the Volunteer Initiation Facebook group to ask your questions.


Contact us to become a volunteer: lana@rudefood.se

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