Super Soppa!

...delivered direct to your workplace each Wednesday!

  • By registering, your company or organisation is helping Rude Food fight food waste in Malmö

  • As a supporter of Rude Food, you are eligible for a discount when you register for 4 weeks!

We use majority rescued ingredients for every Super Soppa order. All soups can be made vegan, gluten-free and/or lactose-free.

We believe in Zero Waste, not only when it comes to food, so when ordering Super Soppa from us you won’t see any single-use plastic packaging. Our soups are delivered in multi-use thermoses.

The Super Soppa Story

Being a not-for-profit initiative dedicated to fighting food waste is really tough. Rude Food survives on our catering orders, but it’s hard for us to predict when they’ll come and go.

So in an effort to become more stable, and to keep turning forgotten food produce into quality meals as often as we can - we’ve decided to launch the Super Soppa project on a regular day each week. This means more valuable food gets rescued, and more tummies get filled!

Putting in the groundwork for this new project without any guaranteed orders is risky business. So we need your support!

By registering for Super Soppa, you’re helping to stabilise Rude Food, and continuing to fight food waste in Malmö. In 2018, we saved 4500kg of perfectly edible food from going to waste. Together, we can make it even more in 2019!

Rude Food 2018

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