Want to volunteer with us?

We constantly need volunteering help in different areas such as:

  • Food rescue
  • Kitchen help
  • Social media posting (Facebook, Instagram)
  • Photos for social media
  • Networking and participating in different events
  • Being an active member and bringing your fresh ideas/feedback to the meetings

… and much more! Our workload and things to do depend on the event we are organizing or amount of orders we currently have. So sometimes we meet every week to do a follow-up and assign tasks and sometimes we meet once a month to make sure we are still alive :)

There is a short description and examples of our tasks below, but please feel free to contact us nevertheless if you have any questions left!

You can join the  Volunteer Initiation Facebook group to get updates and our calls for help we currently need.


Or contact info@rudefood.se directly to show your interest in any of the positions above and get included in internal team-mailing list.

Food rescue

Volunteering on a more regular basis. Every week we have food rescue points to visit and collect food from. It can be done using your own vehicle (but please keep it environmental friendly!) or our cargo bike. All new volunteers get an introduction first and do rescue with another team-member first times.

Work is organised by our food rescue manager who checks the rescues and has contact with suppliers.

Communication is done through WhatsApp group, since we found it to be the best and fastest way to reach and inform people.

Kitchen help

The amount of cooking directly depends on catering orders. Our kitchen manager reaches out for help using facebook group (link above) and separate WhatsApp group for kitchen volunteers. No previous experience is needed!

The kitchen is situated at Olof Palmes Plats 1, Malmö.


Social media (Facebook, Instagram) and photos

We need help to keep our social media updated about rescues and donations we do. This will help us to spread awareness about different groups and organisations collaborating with each other to make a world a better place by saving food and giving it to those in need, for example. It will also make other NGOs and suppliers amazing work and effort more known to the public eye!

Networking and participating in the events

There are plenty of events about  happening in Malmö, which most of the members cannot attend because of the full-time job they are doing outside the Rude Food initiative. That is why we would need someone who is always interested in joining those events on behalf of Rude Food, simply expanding our network and bringing new ideas and updates to the team.

Being an active team member

You can always become a team member and join our meetings and/or WhatsApp groups (contact us for the link) to be updated about our ongoing activities. We are always happy to see new faces and hear new ideas, so everyone is welcome!