What We Do

Saving the planet.

One meal at a time.

Rude Food is a non-profit initiative to reduce food waste in the city of Malmö.

We are Sweden's 1st rescued-food catering service.


A THIRD of the food that humans produce is wasted. Such overproduction and misuse of the resources  results in depletion of biodiversity and fresh water, deforestation, acid rains, worsens the climate change. This is unacceptable.


We identify food wastage points and actively collaborate with food producers, distributors, and sellers to re-circulate their surplus before it goes to waste.

Our goal is to show that surplus food is not a “waste” by normalizing its consumption.


We contact our partners almost weekly to rescue food with them. Par of this surplus is distributed to food-insecure groups in Malmö. The other part is upcycled into catered meals and pop-up events.

Rude Food 2018

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